Do you have a calling to help the young and vulnerable? Do you want to do good in the third world? Do you want to mitigate disasters? Then avoid the main aid agencies. Their current management is corrupt, and sees the natives as fuel for their perverted desires.

Oxfam, one of the world’s most prominent relief agencies, could lose its funding from the British government over reports its workers exploited survivors of a massive earthquake in Haiti, and possibly other disasters, for sex.

It is a “complete betrayal of both the people Oxfam were there to help and also the people that sent them there to do that job,” Britain’s international development secretary, Penny Mordaunt, told BBC News, which noted the nonprofit received US$44 million in government funds last year.

Mordaunt spoke Sunday – three days after a Times of London investigation accused Oxfam’s then-director in Haiti, along with other workers, of running an illegal makeshift brothel after a 2010 quake devastated the country.

Oxfam has admitted to at least some of the wrongdoings alleged in the report, and the organisation has promised an internal review and overhaul. “We are ashamed of what happened,” the nonprofit’s chair wrote in a statement Sunday. “We apologise unreservedly.”

But contrition may not be enough. The Times alleged that Oxfam tried to hide the years-old allegations from the public, letting its country director in Haiti quietly resign rather than firing him after he admitted to using prostitutes.

And the Guardian reported new accusations over the weekend: that the same man, Roland van Hauwermeiren, was also accused of hiring sex workers in Chad.

NZ Herald

Oxfam is now sounding more defensive than the Catholic Church. There is the same stench of sulfur. The social justice perverts have entered, and as usual, ruined everything.

Meanwhile, Oxfam is facing further allegations, reported in the Observer, that staff on its mission in Chad – also led by Mr van Hauwermeiren – used prostitutes in 2006.

Oxfam said it could not corroborate the latest claims.

The Sunday Times has also reported new allegations, saying more than 120 workers from UK charities were accused of sexual abuse in the past year.

Ms Mordaunt’s predecessor Priti Patel said she was aware of a wider issue of sexual abuse and child exploitation from when she was at DfID.

She told Radio 5 live’s Pienaar’s Politics there was “a culture of denial in the aid sector about the exploitation and sexual abuse that has taken place historically for decades” and called for a database for “predatory paedophiles” who she claimed could be infiltrating the organisations. Ms Mordaunt said she suspected there were paedophiles targeting the sector to carry out predatory activities, making it important that aid organisations reported offences.

BBC News

Well, this is fairly damning, particularly when Milo describes what was happening as Caligula style Orgy. The progressives are hurt. So they do the only thing they are good at: they libel, and make hashtags.

It’s hard to ignore the symmetry. On Thursday, the Times reported that Oxfam had covered up the use of prostitutes in Haiti by its aid workers. On Friday, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the current darling of the Tory grassroots, arrived in Downing Street to deliver a petition of more than 100,000 Daily Express readers demanding cuts to the aid budget. There is, of course, no formal connection between the Times’s important story and Rees-Mogg’s appearance as a well-spoken mortician, come to collect the corpse of compassion. But there is an undeniable psychological link, one that the Conservative right will exploit pitilessly.

It seems aeons ago, but there was a time when the Tory high command, in the high season of party modernisation, was deeply and persistently preoccupied by the question of foreign aid. As shadow chancellor, George Osborne grew close to Jeffrey Sachs, author of The End of Poverty, pledging to ringfence at least 0.7% of national income for international development spending (a promise that was finally given statutory force in 2015).

In the Tory psyche, the objection to foreign aid is emotional rather than statistical
Like David Cameron’s husky-hugging and recycled trainers, the fiscal promise had a clear political purpose: to persuade centre-ground voters that the party had a heart. Less cynically, it reflected the modernisers’ belief that well-targeted aid was a matter of enlightened self-interest for 21st-century Britain – that trade, security, the fight against poverty and the quest for global stability were all inextricably entwined.

However grudgingly, Tory MPs accepted the ringfencing of the NHS budget, and on the whole continue to do so, recognising that to do otherwise would be electoral suicide. But foreign aid is different.

Reflexively, most Tories believe that such spending is at best a virtue-signalling luxury, and at worst an indefensible waste of taxpayers’ money on corrupt regimes and white elephant projects.

Matthew D’Ancona, Guardian

It would be far better to kill Oxfam off. It is corrupt. Vote with your money: do not fund it. Lobby your government to not fund it: official aid should be official, and the agenda of civil servants has at least one check: their masters are accountable to Parliament. Oxfam is accountable to — no one, in no nation. The Aid industrial complex is malevolent, has been so for at least my generation, and the scandals are finally coming out.

So their minions are trying to indoctrinate the next generation: their version of freedom is indeed slavery, of the mind if not the body.

Here’s the problem with marxists from Berkeley putting out intellectual arguments that put down an ideology:

they are the ones with a stranglehold on discourse. They are the violent mob that blockades, calls in bomb threats, death threats etc of anyone to the right of their ideology. Thus, they are intellectually dishonest and one has the right to preemptively dismiss them.

That is, until some capitulation and compromise is first reached in terms of redressing the above. IOW, they can’t accuse any other group of being less than noble when they themselves are holding the keys with a violent mob backing them.

Lovekraft, Vox Popoli

And that slavery, as I keep on saying, makes you blind.

The lunatics are sure they are winning. It is written in the prophecies. How can their elected leaders not see this? Why are they quitting just when victory is at hand? Of course, that’s not reality, but reality is far too unpleasant to accept, so they are re-imagining the present in order to hold onto the dream. The Democrat leaders, especially Chuck Schumer, they know what’s happening. Thanks to Trump’s political maneuvering, white voters now see the Democrats as the Brown Party.

That’s depressing, but the good news here is that Chuck Schumer suddenly realized that the whites are waking up to what’s happening and they are prepared to act accordingly. That means the midterms could very well be a referendum on Team Brown’s plan to turn America into Brazil. More important, Trump seems to have figured this out too and he is now talking about making the midterm a referendum on immigration. That’s a huge change in the political culture. It speaks to just how fast things have changed in the last year.

The better news is the mouth breathers of the “resistance” movement have decided to go full jihad over immigration. They see their leaders as insufficiently enthusiastic for the great brown future. They will want to make the midterms about immigration and send a message to their leaders. For decades, immigration patriots like John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow labored just to get politicians to mention immigration. Now we appear to be heading a big political fight about serious immigration reform.

It’s just a symbolic fight. Chad and Stacy are now talking about chain migration and wondering if it makes sense to be importing Somalis into Minnesota. Up until recent, most Americans have known nothing of visa lotteries, chain migration and visa abuse. Now the granular details of the issue are circulating in polite company

Z man

Chad and Stacey are successful normies. They do not live as the minions of the progressive elite do. They have neither piercings, tattoos, or underpaid jobs with NGOs. They are more interested in living well than virtue signals.

And when Chad and Stacey start quoting Milo, Stephan and Jordan Peterson the battle is being won. For politics follows culture. The trick will be to manage the left, for there is a delay, they are in power, and they will rage against the light.

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