Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: February 27, 2018

Pound poem about Pounds.

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Pound was a fascist. There is much fascists got right in their analysis of the society they were in. Including the fact that political parties look after the interests of those who pay them. Besides, they could write satire. Song Of The Six Hundred M.P.’s ‘We are ‘ere met together in this momentous hower, Ter […]

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Hell and Incest.

Paul was educated. He knew his plays, and his mythology. So he knew of Jocasta and Oedipus. But since this time is fallen, and the children are no longer taught fairy tales, we have to revise. Tolkien said (I paraphrase) that the myths we have are broken shards of truth. And here is the truth: […]

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