The Whigs are Prigs.

The Whigs consider that there is progress, and freedom, and that the people can be managed. That freedom can be controlled. The people nudged into better habits. But this does not work that well... as a movie script of all things notes. What is unsaid is that the Duchess was good friends with Marie Antionette, … Continue reading The Whigs are Prigs.

Music, Poem.

Jasmine's Beautiful Thoughts Underneath the Willow My titillations have no foot-notes And their memorials are the phrases Of idiosyncratic music. The love that will not be transported In an old, frizzled, flambeaud manner, But muses on its eccentricity, Is like a vivid apprehension Of bliss beyond the mutes of plaster, Or paper souvenirs of rapture, … Continue reading Music, Poem.

God can save you. Your inner guru cannot.

The great division in the church exists. It was predicted by Christ, but it is not the one that Mundabor thinks about in his nightmare that the Pope goes Protestant. The problem is that infidels are within the church, and are moving into heresy because they will not obey the words of the Lord. The … Continue reading God can save you. Your inner guru cannot.