A defense of Empire.

I like the imperial system. It kept the peace in Europe for about 100 years, from the end of the Napoleonic era to World War I -- the Franco-Prussian and Crimean wars were regional. A imperial system involves multiple states. it can be a frank empire or a hegemoney. The loss of the German Ottoman … Continue reading A defense of Empire.

There is an error in this poem.

There is an error in this poem, but that error lead to a truth. The error is at the beginning: It has not always had / to find: the scene was set; It repeated what/ was in the script. When Stevens wrote this the armamentarium of the reader included the greek myths, the Bible, Gibbons … Continue reading There is an error in this poem.

Here be fishhooks.

When I re read this passage -- the first passage I read in Greek -- I thought "here be fishhooks" There is a lot of theology packed into eighteen verses, beginning with the aorist tense in the first verse, which implies that the beginning is continuous. For if we believe that the word of God … Continue reading Here be fishhooks.