Dress as you are.

Since no one publicises the good advice out there, I will point them out at times. This is from Amy, and it is for the girls: Dress as you are. Not as you would want to be. In my book, Wardrobe Communication, I talk about dealing with the reality on the ground insofar as the … Continue reading Dress as you are.

The death of justice.

I note that San Francisco has found a man who confessed shooting a woman not guilty for a political reason. The trust the populace in justice is again abused. And another fragile bond of trust is broken. Time for some Ezra. Fan-Piece for Her Imperial Lord O fan of white silk, clear as frost on … Continue reading The death of justice.

November stats.

  A busy month. 11K visitors according to wordpress, 18 K loads on statcounter. Open Parachute does not have the blog rankings up yet. Monthly Stats Report: 1 Nov - 30 Nov 2017 Project: Dark Brightness URL: http://pukeko.net.nz/blog Summary   Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits Total 18,461 10,327 6,484 3,843 Average 615 … Continue reading November stats.

Reclaim traditions.

I am bad at parables. I am neither Jewish nor Christ: the Jews still do, and I quoted one yesterday. Today we have a couple of illustrations: the first is Dalrock's exegesis of Deut 22:5. The command is that a man shall not wear women's clothes, or a woman mans. Dalrock notes that women, in … Continue reading Reclaim traditions.