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Sharia defines hate speech?

Gab has had difficulties dealing with trolls. But that is minor. What is more insidious is that the Germans are going after the webhosts and domain name servers.

This has led to a purge. Of the most obvious Alt reich/retard sites. The message — from the multinational corporations — is that it is not merely social media. We can take anyone down.

There’s another expression that is useful now. It is an old Chinese idiom. “Kill the chicken to scare the monkey”, which refers to making an example out of someone in order to threaten others. This was a popular aphorism during the Cultural Revolution where Chinese officials would routinely make an example of a deviationist to remind anyone else with heretical ideas that there are consequences to challenging authority. The college professor paraded around school and forced to confess to made up crimes let the other professors know who was really in charge of the school.

That’s what we are seeing with the coordinated assault on various dissident websites, like the Daily Stormer and now Stormfront. Neither of these sites are a great threat to the established order. The Stormer is a satirical site, the suppression of which proves just about every point the proprietor ever made about the ruling class. Stormfront is an old White Nationalist site that was content to mind its own business. But they both contain the word “storm” which is now a trigger word for the ruling class, so they were targeted.

What the registrars have done in both cases is steal the domain from the rightful owners, thus shuttering their sites. It’s brazen and illegal, but that’s the point. The message being sent is that the people in charge are not constrained by the law. They can do as they please. If you are a trouble maker out there, who has invested time and money in his site, you might want to watch what you say. Otherwise, a big tech company will steal your property and shut you down. That’s the message being sent with these acts.

Alt retards thinking that have milo as an ally destroys Vox.
Typical Alt-Retard stupidity.

This flowed on. Vox Day had a bunch of the Andrew Anglin borg decide to troll him and his wife. Bad move: Vox is the nice one in the relationship, and needs useful idiots to make teaching points.

The issue is (paraphrasing Vox) that constitutional free speech as defined by the US constitution, is being destroyed by the new cyber Stasi, looking for hate crimes. This is different from private speech — my criticism of the supreme lord of the vile faceless minions is that he does not use his banhammer freely enough.

What it is the imposition of hate speech, which, in a converged Germany, means Shari’a, with blasphemy defined in Muslim terms.

Torba’s site Gab, an alternative social network to Twitter, was recently threatened with having their domain stolen if they did not comply with their domain registrar’s demand to remove a user’s post. According to Torba, the censorship stems from German “hate speech” laws.

“All of this is really stemming out of Germany. What’s happening is Silicon Valley, and indeed the entire internet, is allowing one foreign country, which is Germany, to dictate the rules of the internet,” said Torba. “This ‘hate speech’ law coming out of Germany, which has been now adapted by the EU, if a social network does not delete ‘hate speech’ within 24 hours, then Germany and the EU can fine them up to 54 million euros or something like this, per post!”

Torba pointed out that these laws should only be enforced in Europe, not in the U.S.

“If they want to enforce these hate speech policies, do it in Germany, do it in the EU, do it where it’s required and you’re going to get fined,” said Torba. “Don’t blanket these hate speech policies across the entirety of the internet, including the United States of America, where our citizens have the First Amendment right to be able to speak freely, and to have different opinions that maybe politically incorrect.”

Again, Torba was threatened by his domain registrar with losing his entire website if he did not comply with their draconian demand, which Torba believes is pushed by EU regulations.

“We set out to build Gab – very simple premise. Build a website that supports First Amendment protected, legally protected freedom of speech for everybody. And apparently, as you have noted, that is not possible because there are several gatekeepers, including at the domain registrar level,” said Torba. “My choice was very simple. It was, do I ask one user to remove one individual post that our domain registrar has requested, or do we lose our domain and the entire website for 260,000 plus people. To me, that decision was very clear. The post had to come down. And that’s why we were very transparent about this as well in saying this isn’t us forcing you to do this, this is the shadow hand of our domain registrar that is telling us this post needs to come down within 48 hours or your domain and your URL is going to be seized.”

Torba vowed to build entirely new web systems if that is what it takes to ensure the freedom of speech on the internet.

“If we have to rebuild the entire internet from the ground up, if we have to rebuild new domain registrars, new hosting systems, new DDOS protection systems, new payment processors that’s what we are going to do,” said Torba. “To people saying that, ‘Oh you should have just fought back against the domain registrar, you should have let them take the site down,’ I think that’s very ignorant and I don’t think that’s the best decision and I don’t think that would have been the most pragmatic business decision either, to destroy the site for over 260,000 people over one meme.”

Torba also blamed former President Obama for helping create the new culture of censorship on the internet.

“President Obama signed over ICANN to the UN. Previously ICANN was protected as a U.S. located entity by the First Amendment,” said Torba. “Now it is no longer protected by that, it is governed by these shadow figures in the UN. And who knows? Even if we do build a ‘free speech registrar’ who knows if ICANN will allow that registrar to be approved?”

This will not work for long. Alt tech is coming: we will regain control of the DNS: we will morph. The internet considers any impediment to bandwidth as damage.

The elite is running out of lies and turning to force. The time of struggle will be brief. Pray that this does not lead to the caliphate.

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