Poem, Day

Conversion Lighthearted I walked into the valley wood In the time of hyacinths, Till beauty like a scented cloth Cast over, stifled me. I was bound Motionless and faint of breath By loveliness that is her own eunuch. Now pass I to the final river Ignominiously, in a sack, without sound, As any peeping Turk … Continue reading Poem, Day

Do not retcon.

Disney now owns Marvel, and is starting to retcon everything. Including the old issues that they are relying on for their profit: the reason that Marvel makes money is that they have thirty to fifty years of cultural momentum. Disney will, as usual kill it, gut it, wear the skinsuit and demand copyright. Chairman and … Continue reading Do not retcon.

Hefner and the Thots of Hell.

Why am I now following the collapse of the house of Ahaz and the destruction of the kingdom of Judah? Why am I quoting my Papist brother about Hugh Hefner, who has just been buried, and is facing the throne of God to make account? For these are warnings, particularly to women. Do not be … Continue reading Hefner and the Thots of Hell.