/pol is always right.

Vox Day says that /pol is always right. They are doing sterling work, and the number of things that appeared to be consipiracy theories and have ended up true is too many to note. Of course, this is ignored on campus. You have to be progressive. If you are not flexible enough with truth, sex, … Continue reading /pol is always right.

Beauty is inflexible.

Beauty does not change. Though the person who is beautiful fades, and the light changes, beauty does not. It reflects higher: to the forms by which all things are truly known. Though many call that which is ugly beautiful this is a lie. It is modern propaganda. It is something mandated by sheer force of … Continue reading Beauty is inflexible.

Long passages.

Elijah is a challenge. There are more implausible miracles involving him than there are Christ. I'm talking about the ravens and the widow's jar of meal, more than the widow's son being raised. But not many read the histories. They are in the lectionary. And the first part of this passage is that Elijah decreed … Continue reading Long passages.