Moderate effects are useless

I like negative meta analyses. They say: many have been down this path. It has no fruit. Here be but salt, ash, and stone. Nothing whole liveth here. Do not repeat this: investigate elsewhere. The more difficult meta analyses are those that show a moderate effect. This week's JAMA psychiatry has such an analysis. The … Continue reading Moderate effects are useless

The tyranny of the shaman.

The Left want a religion. They abandoned God, so they are left with a strong delusion: that of shamanism. There is a reason that Maori Karakia are said before all official events in New Zealand while the Bishops of the disestablished church are shunned: pagan shamanism is murch more compatible with the authoritan left. For … Continue reading The tyranny of the shaman.

The narrative destroys.

The world tells us that there are seventy genders, your weight does not matter, high carbohydrate foods are bad for you, and that you should exercise gently for 30 minutes a day. The world anoints people with teaching and communication degress and says they shall lead us for they shall obey our commands. The world … Continue reading The narrative destroys.