KIpple for the season.

There is a clear choice. We follow the elite, and reject God, or we turn to God. God created them male and female**. A man shall hold fast to his wife. It does not take a logician to see that ‘marrying’ outside Christ’s stated design, or pretending that you are of a sex that you’re … Continue reading KIpple for the season.

Political violence hits NZ.

From David Farrar's blog. Nick Smith is a fairly damp and green member of the National Party. A local conservation group are dropping poison in a wildlife sanctuary to kill the possums, stoats and feral cats. So the native birds can return. Some locals are fighting back. Nelson MP and Environment Minister Nick Smith says … Continue reading Political violence hits NZ.

Let our faith be our uniform.

We are in the middle of a fairly ugly election here. We have parties: we have a surfeit of parties -- and the issue of ethnic parties is raising its ugly head. It is baked into our immigration policies and proportional representation. But the methods of identity politics are simple. Ugly, but simple. Get as … Continue reading Let our faith be our uniform.

Sunday Sonnet

Started this on Sunday, but life took over. Posting it Monday morning. Ten Shall any man for whose strong love another ' Has thrown away his wealth and name in one, Shall he turn mocker of a more than brother To slight his need when his adventure's done ? Or shall a breedless boy whose … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet