The beginning of the restoration.

We are in central, and on the way here we listed the jobs that have to be done this weekend. The beloved noted that the idea of central is to relax, but we spend most of the time working. But real life trumps cyberspace: what happens on the street trumps any economic model. A few … Continue reading The beginning of the restoration.

Genetics of depression show sexual dimorphism?

The genetics of depression has been an interestly difficult problem. In this paper, which is long, complex, and well worth reading, post mortem brain samples are used to demonstrate differential genetic expression by region between people with depression and controls, that differ by sex. This is then replicated in mice experimental models, and using a … Continue reading Genetics of depression show sexual dimorphism?

August Stats.

I have disconnected from Google Analytics as part of the slow removal of Alphabet in my life. I continue to use Statcounter for this. Monthly Stats Report: 1 Aug - 31 Aug 2017 Project: Dark Brightness URL: Summary   Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning Visits Total 13,134 7,597 4,526 3,071 Average … Continue reading August Stats.

God bless folks.

God bless the ordinary folk of Texas. God bless the ordinary folk everywhere. When there is a crisis they help. When bad things happen, they consider the LORD, and help. When good things happen, they praise God. They care not a whit for how things are being reported. They are too busy rescuing people, setting … Continue reading God bless folks.