Victorian love was better.

I have a hypothesis guaranteed to make the current infernal denizens of social media nauseous. The Victorians had more fun. Because they had restrictions, standards, and were taught virtue, modesty, chivalry and honour. They were allowed to have tragedy and disaster. But they were also allowed to have redemption and joy. The moderns see the … Continue reading Victorian love was better.

Yes, Virginia, medications may work.

Child Psychiatry is not adult psychiatry: children are not adults: what works for adults may not work for kids, and when kids are involved the problem is often affecting the family, the school or the wider society. So, let us start with the latest press problems: the number of prescriptions in Scotland in going up. … Continue reading Yes, Virginia, medications may work.

We now divide the baby.

One of the evangelical theological groups has put together a theological statement of fourteen points. It is worth reading, for it does three important things. It redeclares that we are a sexually dimorphic species, and this is good. That we are male and female, and this is from the beginning, both loved by God, and … Continue reading We now divide the baby.