Two sonnets.

The pagan Gods will make you mad. It is better to remain human. And the Stars Perhaps you did not know how bright last night, Especially above your seaside door, Was all the marvelous starlit sky, and wore White harmonies of very shining light. Perhaps you did not want to seek the sight Of that … Continue reading Two sonnets.

I like raw html and markdown.

I have taken the defensive step of installing tinyMCE Advanced. This is because WordPress is moving on. They no longer allow links by default, and now are trying to move to a more block like editor called Gutenberg. It is in beta at present. The alternative worth considering is markdown, which is part of Jetpack, … Continue reading I like raw html and markdown.

Nard, Arson and Houston

I have friends in Houston, and when I get to the work email there will be a quick note to them. If they can get it: I have visited them and this is normally a street. Houston is flooding. No city expects the kind of rain that it has now: usual hurricanes they can handle. … Continue reading Nard, Arson and Houston