Apostate prodigal poem.

I have to thank E. Anthony Gray for this. I don't know my American poets: he does. Jeffers father was a minister in the Presbyterian Kirk. And Jeffers saw that by leaving that faith he was the loser. To His Father Christ was your lord and captain all your life, He fails the world but … Continue reading Apostate prodigal poem.

Islam is accursed.

From Quadrant. Support the good bastards there. St Paul bears reiterating: Let those who proclaim a gospel contrary to the gospel of Christ be accursed. Not invited, you will notice, to morning tea by the Archbishop of Canterbury to discuss matters of common faith. There is no faith in common. Islam denies the divinity of … Continue reading Islam is accursed.

Anxiety is not a risk factor for suicide, PTSD included?

There are many who will look at completed suicide and consider that any mental health disorder caused it. There are others who work from theory and consider that those who are frightened may be at risk, so those with clinical panic symptoms or phobias or overwhelming worry must be at higher risk. There is a … Continue reading Anxiety is not a risk factor for suicide, PTSD included?

Never trust a rich prelate [Mark 11]

We have a duty to pray for and provide for those who lead us in faith. The worker is worthy of his hire. Many years ago, I was friends with the pastor and his wife in a Brethren Chapel. He had been an executive in one of the larger companies in New Zealand and his … Continue reading Never trust a rich prelate [Mark 11]