Old poet from a time gone.

Auden would hate this time. He preferred the ideas of conventional morality and manners: if one was to break those laws (and he did) one was to be discreet. I admire is wish for steam power and a quieter landscape. But I am glad for my automobile, internet, and the fact I hear the train … Continue reading Old poet from a time gone.

The worm is turning.

This is from an email from David Seymour, the leader of the liberal ACT party in NZ parliament. It has a very small support: they tend libertarian but they don't have sufficient wisdom (with the current leadership) to know when to align with the conservatives. Using autonomy as the only guidepost for decisions lets the … Continue reading The worm is turning.

The techies shall not lead us [Mark 10]

Truth is hard, harsh, unforgiving. Our duty is a heavy burden. The end of this life will bring reward, and though we do not seek death, we know that beyond this life there are greater things. Death is not the end. And the glory of this world always ends in ruin. In this time of … Continue reading The techies shall not lead us [Mark 10]