Sunday Sonnet.

Sorry, guys, I missed last week Sunday Sonnet. But this one is about as good as it can get. The Lady, for any Catholic, is but a reflection of the theotokos. VII Mortality is but the Stuff you wear To show the better on the imperfect sight. Your home is surely with the changeless light … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet.

Out of gmail: Google delenda est part1.

There are two reasons to change from google. The first and most important is that it is now being run by social activists, who have no qualms about closing down your accounts. The war we are in is fourth generation, real, and primarily for the hearts and minds of people. I have used Google products … Continue reading Out of gmail: Google delenda est part1.

Together, Brothers.

I made a comment about repenting from theological errors yesterday. I should have called it theological pride. Theology too quickly becomes an argument over which is the most perfect means. And that intellectual game is one we cannot have at the moment. It is time to be gentle with each other, and unite. I do … Continue reading Together, Brothers.