Ain’t no grave in New England.

Time to start posting videos without linking to Youtube. A Southern Gospel Revival - Jamie Wilson - Ain't No Grave from Modern Trade on Vimeo. Vimeo has some good roots and old punk stuff. Godfrey Elfwick's mad socialist uncle repeats his first hit, which works stripped back. Billy Bragg from Modern Trade on Vimeo.

Corporations are tumbleweed.

This is an example of how to act. John C Wright is defending his editor. They disagree on many issues. They agree on more. They are fast friends. His editor says that Mr Wright is a better man and a better writer than him. I would say that the editor writes books I enjoy more. … Continue reading Corporations are tumbleweed.

Fake religion fail.

There is so much material out there this week. The Greens imploded: the most recent polls showed their support half and Metira Turei has resigned, for the sake of her family. The left mourn. Google is in the middle of a train wreck. It is failing. (Memo to self: have backups) Both are examples of … Continue reading Fake religion fail.