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Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: July 17, 2017

Memes and graphs.

This all started this evening when my old man asked me what had happened to the divorce rate for what Briggs calls gmarriage. So, I started looking… beginning with the destruction of our society and the results. The first bit is not a meme — from a tweet is this bit of dialectic. Then I […]

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Mandatory monitoring of your digital phenotype?

I do not google my patients. I would get annoyed if my patients google me. (I’m aware that people have: I clearly recall a termagent from Human Resources who informed me — when meeting about a relative — that she would not have hired me because of something I said about the then PM on […]

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Quick Meme for the morning.

In my caffeine deprived mind if you take these…. You get this. Modify as you will.

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Choose Christ or this world [Acts 11]

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The pattern among the early church of evangelism was one of obedience. They were told to wait in Jerusalem. They did. They were told to then preach throughout Judea. They did. They were then told to preach to the whole world. But they started with their own people. The early disciples were Jews. They taught […]

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