Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: July 14, 2017

Against Self Esteem.

Dalrock correctly names the religion of this era as feminism, and the worship that of Self Esteem. You cannot talk about sin. You cannot make people feel bad. But without confrontation there is no correction, without correction there is no regret, no godly sorrow, and no repentenece. We are not Gods. We are broken. We […]

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I have a Meme.

The #CNNMemeWars continue, but the best meme of the day was not from the Dread Ilk. It is Martin Luther King, subverted. And here are the other good ones from the last 24 hours. Shaliday.

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Te Haranui [Acts 10]

The gospel is for all nations, for God shows no partiality. You will not be saved because you are a Jew, or account yourself oppressed, colonised, or have many intersectionality brownie points. You will not be damned for being German, or from the Soviety block or a cisgendered white male. Diversity is not salvation. Social […]

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