The narrative is a lie. We must conform to the lie, or the narrative will fail. The narrative is naked and we must call it clothed. This is an exercise of power. William Briggs calls it correctly. I do not joke nor jest. In New York City, “You can be fined for not calling people … Continue reading 4+2!=7

Fitness, fatness, and trends over time.

I have just been to a seminar on a Dunedin study: comparing parents and their offspring from the Dunedin Next Generation Study, there is a 10 kg (20 lb) difference in weight. The fitness among boys is unchanged from their fathers, but for 15 year old girls there is a decrease in fitness. There are … Continue reading Fitness, fatness, and trends over time.

A prayer for our progeny [Luke 24]

I have just texted happy birthday to son one. Yesterday I messaged the same message to grandson two. Son one is flying to visit his Kiwi-Chinese relatives in Oxfordshire, and grandson two lives in the Prairies. One of the reasons I follow the UK and Canadian situation is because I have whanau -- extended family … Continue reading A prayer for our progeny [Luke 24]