Dark Brightness

Bleak Theology: Hopeful Science

Day: July 3, 2017

Poem, death, pretty.

This is not as much as poem of the death of an athlete, before his time as a poem of consequences. Houseman is a classicist and Latin scholar: he idealizes the death of the young. Who is still pretty and whose Laurels have not faded. I disagree. The years of running were once: the certificates […]

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The betrayal of the mad.

I work, most weeks, with people who have mood disorders and psychosis. A fair number of them, from time to time, want to ehdn their lives. My job is to engender hope. To remind them that this storm will pass. And it is my duty to discourage suicide when possible: the fact that a person […]

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On Scandal [Acts 7]

There are Antichrists everywhere and sometimes they are the Pope. The enemy hates us. He will try to destroy any church that has any standards, even when there are errors there already. The Media talk about a 12 year old mormon girl outing herself as ghey, forgetting (a) at 12 you are allowed to not […]

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