Three quotes and a poem

The postmodern academy has decided everything is power. More fool them. My remarks boiled down to the observation that theoretical anarchism (as opposed to the practical, bomb-throwing sort) is a gnostic sect. Its essential gnosis is that Thomas Hobbes was correct to say that the Will to Power springs from fear, and that fear causes … Continue reading Three quotes and a poem

The error of the science march.

Science is not something that needs defending. It is like truth: it is its own defence. Scienidolatory, like Scientology, is a series of faulty and flawed beliefs that does need defending. Consider this tweet for science day. There are some errors. The model of global warming is precisely that: a model. a hypothesis. It is … Continue reading The error of the science march.

The NGOs now rage. [Acts 4]

I read Francis Schaeffer far too early and did not spend enough time understanding the math behind the statistical tests we use. However with age comes repentance, and with repentance a certain bloody mindedness. When the consulting statistician came around to discuss mutual projects, I showed him a peer review and discussed how their assumptions … Continue reading The NGOs now rage. [Acts 4]