About time.

The first genocide was not done by the NSDAP. It was done by the Turks. And this is the first movie I know that discusses it.

The Donkey must die.

I am waiting for Youtube to take this down. In New Zealand, about twice as many people die from suicide as from road crashes. The majority are male: the most at risk troup are Maori. Any group who cheers that one race is dying by their own hand is beneath contempt. Democrats in a public, … Continue reading The Donkey must die.

Berkeley Antifa fallout.

A quick word to the Antifascists. Your opposition is not baby Hitler. The Right wing in Germany used not merely military discipline but military weapons. Before the NSDAP was founded. Half of the USA voted Trump (if California was out the union, it would have truly been a landslide, and if the democrats had been … Continue reading Berkeley Antifa fallout.

Get a trade. [Isaiah 30]

One of the secrets of my profession is that do not teach as much as apprentice junior doctors. There is a didactic programme, but that is not he biggest component of training, and the current move to competency based training is making the process worse, not better. You learn by doing under supervision. For years: … Continue reading Get a trade. [Isaiah 30]