Blind poem is.

There are too many blinded by their desires. Lewis had this to say. The country of the Blind. Hard light bathed them-a whole nation of eyeless men, Dark bipeds not aware how they were maimed. A long Process, clearly, a slow curse, Drained through centuries, left them thus. At some transitional stage, then, a luckless … Continue reading Blind poem is.

Reforming the converged FDA?

The last time I worked directly for a pharmaceutical company was over a decade ago. I have, since, worked indirectly: I've been involved in pharmacokinetic trials and proof of concept trials using established or older medications. However, I had the audit peopel from Cochrane query if I was biased recently. Most researchers in medicine have … Continue reading Reforming the converged FDA?

Mud on the Sabbath [John 9]

I spent all of Sunday traveling. The wake up call was 0430: I landed in Dunedin at 1730. Yesterday's blog was written during a layover in Christchurch. Some say one should not travel on the Sabbath. We drive ten miles to church. And Christ healed on the Sabbath. In my training, one of my good … Continue reading Mud on the Sabbath [John 9]