The Antifa are cannon fodder.

The imperial excruciator has an idea. On Facebook. Because the Antifa do lead to business opportunities. Maaannn...I just had an idea. "An awful idea....a wonderful awful idea." I wonder how much could be raised on kickstarter to recruit, equip, train, and field a riot control force for rental to smaller communities that cannot afford a … Continue reading The Antifa are cannon fodder.

Born again must you be [Jn 3]

The translation of John 3 is interesting. The ESV has a footnote: you must be born again can be translated as you must be born from above: the Gk word is deliberately ambiguous. In English, this translation makes it look like Nicodemus was obtuse. He was not. The word has two meanings, and the translators … Continue reading Born again must you be [Jn 3]