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Much lower traffic this month: I was away for half of it for a darn good reason. I got married, and basically did the lectionary alone until I returned to work. Monthly Stats Report: 1 Feb - 28 Feb 2017 Project: Dark Brightness URL: Summary   Page Loads Unique Visits First Time Visits Returning … Continue reading Site stats

What antidepressant matters.

When you do acute, crisis, community or inpatient psychiatry, you are using medications that in overdose can be risky. Moreover, you are working with people who have a tendency to overdose. So what you prescribe and how you prescribe matters. This paper, in the American Journal of Psychiatry has two important findings. The first is … Continue reading What antidepressant matters.

In real life [Lk 18]

Teaching on suffering. Again. That we do things which hurt because they are good for us. Writing with a sore leg (running) back (deadlifts) and shoulder (floor warmup). or the standard crossfit niggles. I know that in fitness I need to be disciplined and push myself. The other reading for the day is Hebrews, which … Continue reading In real life [Lk 18]