The Moldbug castes.

Moldbug wrote this in 2007. I have seen similar systems in New Zealand: the Brahmins have been described as akin to Devonport: the Dalits Mangere, the Helots Papatoetoe, the Optimates Remuera and the Vaisya Waitakere. Sort of. This is a long moldbug quote, but it is worth noting his original definitions. Some redefinition, therefore, is … Continue reading The Moldbug castes.

Nationalism trumps false phobias.

Michael Laws commenting on Facebook after a woman pled guilty to assaulting and insulting a muslim member of the elite. I don't link to Facebook: I rescue comments from it. I actually feel sympathy: her media gang banging and public humiliation are clearly gratuitous. She is obviously a deeply troubled woman who, realistically, harmed no-one. … Continue reading Nationalism trumps false phobias.

Render not to the imperium glory [Mk 11]

We must never forget that the Pharisees were religious. Very religious. They had zeal for the law: they tried to keep all the commandments and the traditions around the commandments. They wanted a reformation of the liberal priesthood who guarded the temple and were running on the fumes of the Mabaccean reformation two hundred years … Continue reading Render not to the imperium glory [Mk 11]