The scrapbook [quotage]

This is a place where there is no theme, just things I find and want to keep on one place: it’s not linkage in the classic sense, nor a quotage post (where I try to find a theme) but a mixture of things.

Like rainbows.

It seems that we are getting pushback from those who say you should date those half your age plus seven. The real minimum age should be the age of your oldest kid plus 10… if you want to keep peace. Doing the standard math: my minimum age to date is 35, while age oldest plus 10 gives 39. This should, of course, allow you all to approximate my age.

Regarding age differences, my STBExH’s girlfriend is half his age – and only 5 years older than our oldest daughter. My younger daughter (14) has commented one more than one occasion that the age difference between her dad and his GF is both creepy and gross. I’m never quite sure how to respond to that, other than to remind her that she must be respectful of her father, and as the GF is soon to become her step-mother, we’ll have to see what happens with that. Older daughter is somewhat disdainful of the whole thing, but she’s very close to her Dad (as it should be) and tries to reign it in. I guess I’m agreeing at the +/- 5 years age range, and I think this is because younger girls are focused on having a relationship with someone who is within their generation (as they perceive it).

Now, there is a debate as to if one can indeed remarry. The Catholic church has said quite clearly no: the reformed disagreed after careful exegesis of scripture and have had a slippery slope problem ever since. But in all of these things, if you have kids, you have to be aware that they will be very distressed if you fall head over heels with another. Even if the marriage you were in was hell on earth. The dating scene is toxic. From the same thread:

Eligible young men today are doing one (or more) of the following:

1) Following the college script and racking up debt, assuming they need a degree and a good income before even considering marriage;
2) Banging all the girls who are delaying marriage for the carousel or serial monogamy;
3) Interested in marriage, but keeping their mouths shut about it, because they’ve learned through experience that marriage talk hits most girls their age like garlic hits a vampire;
4) playing video games and watching porn.

In my youth, the bright young women I knew went into teaching, nursing and pharmacy… and married farmers, medics and tradesmen. They then had their kids and returned to work on their own terms. They are now competing for places in medical school and law school, generally beating the boys, and inadvertently poisoning their romantic chances with those young men who do get in, for they have seen them as competition for at least an entire academic year.

And medical marriages have a high breakdown rate: double medical marriages more so.

Alte no longer blogs (much). She comments. Which is good, because brevity is the soul of wit.

“Suppose it is true that modern people are, on average, much smarter or less violent than ancient or medieval people.”
If it were true, I wouldn’t care because I am generally unperterbed by the theory of evolution, but I am not suffering from the impression that it is true. More efficient wars and higher IQ are not unequivocal proof of human progression. We are, if anything, rapidly becoming more ignorant, bloodthirsty, and degraded by the day. We are also beginning to die out, which suggests a reduction in fitness.
If anything, it’s time to call Peak Humanity.

Actually, kiddo, you are wrong. it is Peak Liberalism. I know plenty of conservative nerds, at least three standard deviations above normal, married to women of similar intelligence. [I’m pretty certain I’ve also described Alte and her husband]. And most of us have three or so kids. We marry. We breed. Our liberal colleagues delay marriage, marry unwisely, and delay… this I know for that is where I came from — the meme that Christian professionals should just work together on their families and only have kids “when it is right” was alive and well when I was a young married man, and that was an error. I have made many errors and I have many regrets in my life. My children and grandchildren, however, are a joy: even when things go wrong (and they have at times) they are still a joy.