Fiat currencies and Liberal hypocrites, one each. [quotage]

If you are going to discriminate, do it accurately. It is useful, at times: however those times are generally called "racist" while disavowing those who are not oppressed in a class you have deemed oppressed is. Carrie Cuinn, a white racist who is one of SFWA's extremist pinkshirts, specifically rejected my inclusion on her list … Continue reading Fiat currencies and Liberal hypocrites, one each. [quotage]

Ideology == Idol.

If I wanted to be technical, I could call this passage against antinominalism: against those who deny the law. It is better to recall that Schaeffer says that we use the law as a cover, a way of hiding, from love, for love will drive us to do all for the glory of others and … Continue reading Ideology == Idol.

Admin notes for the week.

Will S has now put up two new sites: Will S' culture war blog and Will S. random weirdness. Both are linked -- given Will's eclectic interests, one is in nutraditionalism and one in dark enlightenment, Simon Travalgia is the bloke who writes the ur-systems operator blog, the Bastard Operator from Hell (BOFH). This week's … Continue reading Admin notes for the week.

The lavendar bully, Mozilla, and the Vox. [quotage]

I like and use Mozilla products. Almost every computer I have uses open source software, and open source is a meritocracy. People care how good your code is, not if you are a democrat or republicrat, gay, straight or confused, or whatever. But the Mozilla boss is being hauled over the coals by the perpetually … Continue reading The lavendar bully, Mozilla, and the Vox. [quotage]

Indifference to practical holiness.

Something odd happened at Church today, and to understand it you need a bit of background about the congregation. Our minister (pastor) is part-time. He runs a photography business with his (second) wife -- he had a first wife before he became a Christian, and his wife became a Christian about a year later, and … Continue reading Indifference to practical holiness.

Saturday Linkage. [quotage]

The night is falling, again, in Baden-Wittenburg. As parents in Germany have protested a new pro-homosexual “sexual diversity” curriculum in their schools, homosexual activists have attacked them by hurling feces and destroying their property, according to the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, which documents anti-Christian incidents in Europe. And the Communists in France … Continue reading Saturday Linkage. [quotage]

Corruption in a time of trouble.

The fallout from the world vision situation continues, and one of the reasons for them accepting gays has become apparent. (Via Will S) Everything in the group’s statements speaks to their attempt to navigate a difficult cultural issue. It needn’t be “all” about the money to be even ever-so-slightly about the money. Or to at … Continue reading Corruption in a time of trouble.

Pushback works with infantile leaders.

I am deliberately alluding to Jude, when he said we should no longer be infants, pushed one way or another by the fashions of the day. It seems that the ecumenicists and liberals pressured World Vision to accept gay marriage because the ecumenicists and liberals have, heretically, allowed this. And when the pushback came from … Continue reading Pushback works with infantile leaders.

The State is not our God.

This morning my son asked me if many people did not pay back their student loans. I said yes, many continue to pay (locally, the loan system is run by the tax department, and our taxation system is brutally simple, and elegantly efficient). I commented that one of the things you now need to talk … Continue reading The State is not our God.

Incompetent scum are running education.

Via, Jenny Erikson, who comments There are enough crazy people out there wandering around that I'm generally very appreciative of school safety procedures and guest policies. Most schools these days require non-staff adults to sign in at the office, and many require some form of identification as well. But occasionally things get taken too far … Continue reading Incompetent scum are running education.