Quote of the day.

Anyway, as America’s cultural exports — not just movies and music, but things like Facebook too — become ever more poisonous and destructive to traditional culture it will be interesting to see whether it will dawn on the left that foreign anti-Americanism has less to do with imperialism, colonialism, or a cartoonish theory of capitalism … Continue reading Quote of the day.

Socail welfare is evil [quotage]

Most days, at work, I fill in a sickness benefit form. I don't do this because it is a good thing for the people I work with. I do it so they can eat: the unemployment rate in NZ runs at around six percent, but if you have psychosis your chances of holding down a … Continue reading Socail welfare is evil [quotage]

Purity and universalism.

Today I am (in part because I slept in, and in part because we like it) going to Grace Presbyterian Church. This group split from the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) over a few liberal issues: mainly around the issues of women elders and, following that, toleration of sin within the church. They … Continue reading Purity and universalism.