The Friend Zone.

From, of all places, a thread about JK Rowling confessing that she screwed up the Romance parts of Harry Potter. The friend zone is absolutely not a myth. The only part of it that is a myth is that there is any way to avoid it in the first place, as far as I'm concerned. … Continue reading The Friend Zone.

Marriage as consipicous consumption.

In both the Christian and secular world the cost of weddings has gone up, as marriage has become more risky. New Zealanders are trailing behind Australians in how much they splash out on weddings, spending about half as much on their nuptials. A survey from Australia's Bride To Be magazine shows the average wedding in … Continue reading Marriage as consipicous consumption.

Faith is not appeasement.

A couple of days ago I slipped a line into a comment, that this blog deliberately finds the third rail in the lectionary and skips down the third (electrified) rail. If the passage makes my head hurt, it goes in. For our faith is simple, but as many have said, the simple is not easy. … Continue reading Faith is not appeasement.