Vile linkage.

One of the few pleasures left in this over legislated world is enjoying good prose, particularly when vicious. I blame the PC, who are ably skewered by Jim Goad. Go there. Taki's wants the traffic. While you are there, read Pat Buchanan's discussion of how the two Americas are not even talking to each other … Continue reading Vile linkage.

Mutterings on presentations.

I'm lazy. When I write a presentation I want to be able to use it in three forms: As a slide show. Over some kind of projector. Using whatever is available. Given the instability of powerpoint and the fact I don't run windows, this means some form of .pdf file As handouts online. Preferably without … Continue reading Mutterings on presentations.

The remnant must and will hold.

I've been fighting off a viral infection over the last two days. The local GP tells me that it is viral -- but I would need some time off. And she was right -- I'm at home for the second day in a row, because I know that my brain is only working at half … Continue reading The remnant must and will hold.