Eve’s curse and Gamers

Let us start with a thesis. Most men don’t want to be women, or be feminine. We like the feminine, appreciate it, but don’t want to join it. We appreciate the effort women take into preparing things — from clothes to food to decorations — that we really do not care that much about. We […]

We have prayed so much [for naught]: pray more.

I have not managed to get the readings and the dates lined up, and the text today is one of the few parts of the Bible that most people know, and recite. The prayer of our Lord. How can I teach on prayer? I am not that great a prayer warrior: I have no great […]

Oh, Canada.

My Daughter is married to a member of the Canadian Defence Force. As many will know, there have been two separate attacks on Canadian Defense Forces people in Ontario and Quebec: one at parliament. She posted this today: with her husband posted away from the Priaries where they live. Our family is safe. But our […]

Alhramba rugby Grounds, University precinct, Dunedin

The golden rule is not the gospel, nor the law.

The Golden Rule is not the gospel. It is true, and it is part of the law, but it misses the foundation of the law, which is that you will love the LORD your God with all you heart, and soul, and mind, and strength. And Christ himself says that if you keep this you […]

The secular world is fungible

I often think of the Greens as a cult. Their original sin is existing: they worship nature, and the want to preserve all the cute plants and animals on this earth. Given a choice between impoverishing people and regulating clean air, they will choose clean air. And I think this is driven by a perversion […]


The Church is not tribal.

If you have a modern cellphone, you always have a camera. One son was playing in an orchestra last night — this was taken around 8PM looking over one of the university hostels and the hospital. The sky lit up: I wanted a better sensor than that in my smartphone, for this captures but a […]

Notes on the perditon of this time… first in a series.

The liberals in the USA have moved beyond their colleagues in the Commonwealth. The PCANZ — Kiwi Presbyterians — has just ruled that any minister of the church cannot marry a gay couple in any capacity, as many ministers are also registered as celebrants. But this has been made illegal… In Idaho? City officials told […]

Deleted from Google, the church will be.

I do not worry about the future of the Church, for it is glorious. I worry more about my generation, for they appear to be heading to perdition: it appears that (as we move into a post modern form of Victorianism where one’s power correlates with the ability to faint in outrage over smaller and […]


All under the cloud: against the nominalism of this age.

Michelle Shocked used to be a feminist hero, but converted: and feminism is indeed a jealous God, that chases down their apostates to the third generation. I am not sure if the music link to grooveshark will work, but there is music for the reading this Sunday. Psalm by Michelle Shocked on Grooveshark When Israel […]