Sunday Sonnet

XXXI The world's a stage. The trifling entrance fee Is paid (by proxy) to the registrar. The Orchestra is very loud and free But plays no music in particular. They do not print a programme, that I know. The caste is large. There isn't any plot. The acting of the piece is far below The … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet

There are nations. None are favoured.

There are two truths that the liberal elite do not accept. The first is that they are part of a tribe. They do not want to accept that they have duties to others, to their spouse, their children, their parents, their brothers and sisters (if they have any) and to their neighbour and country. Many … Continue reading There are nations. None are favoured.

Write what you know.

Most of the authors I like and buy are not liked by the critics or win awards. In the area which I read the most, the winners of the last Hugo and Nebula Awards write luminous sentences and incoherent novels. Perhaps I am old fashioned.  But perhaps the critics are degenerate and converged. To an … Continue reading Write what you know.

Shards of the Divine.

Let us contend that Darwin was an acute observer of the phenonema of the Galapagos, but his idea of speciation was not fully formed. I understand that you can get dogs to "breed true" in six generations: it takes about the same amount of time, under environmental pressure, for the appearance of a bird or … Continue reading Shards of the Divine.

Most depression is not treated well.

There is a lot of rhetoric about Major Depression and how intractable it is. It is common, I spend a fair amount of my clinical time managing it, and often the treatement is simply inadequate. In this week's BMJ a report from the WHO epidemiology surveys (which includes  NZ) analyses this. They define adequate treatment … Continue reading Most depression is not treated well.

The Proles are rotten because the Elite are.

I am writing this backwards. It started when Will quoted Slumlord about the proles being rotten. Since I generally go back to the source, I find a discussion about the need for virtue among the elite if government is to survive?And since a republican form of government will give rise to elites, and to a … Continue reading The Proles are rotten because the Elite are.

The Thot question.

For those who are not up on the current memes, one of the the common comments in the manosphere is "No Thots". The term comes from ebonics[1] and is best defined as a woman who uses her sexuality as a weapon, and expects respect and trust because of this. Not knowing that respect is earned. … Continue reading The Thot question.

On theocracy, and the courts.

One of my mates (who I won't link to: he posted it to friends, argues correctly that the American colonies had state supported religions and indeed had laws, initially, requiring that one attend church. I like the law of Virginia: first offence the stocks, second offence a slave to the state for a week, third … Continue reading On theocracy, and the courts.

On Babel.

Just under a year ago Robyn used a passport for the first time. We went to Australia for our honeymoon. And during that time, I got a ton of questions... why is the internet really bad? How come these fish are off before their expiry date? Why are there so many signs and regulations? And … Continue reading On Babel.

The dead cranberry and the cloths of heaven.

A couple of days ago Dolores O'Riordan, the lead singer of the Cranberries died, aged 46. I would not say this to her, for she is not the person who walks on my dreams. But it is time to pray for those who do. He wishes for the Clothes of Heaven Had I the heavens' … Continue reading The dead cranberry and the cloths of heaven.