Do not kill the messenger.

One of the reasons that the Bible remains fresh is that you change. You continually approach the word of God as your circumstances change. Well, this happened last night, I better warn the gentle reader that Daryl is of the Kiwi left (to whom Obama is a Tory), he us not afraid to swear, and […]

The degradation of the piety has consequences.

Over at Cam’s site there is a tragedy reported; a priest has been charged with having coercive sex with a man over the age of 16 (the local age of consent) and the Roman Church has, quite correctly, removed him from the parish ministry and are cooperating with the police in sorting this out. Cue […]

Jerusalem cannot be engineered, but Babylon can be.

Yesterday I wrote how anger can be legitimate, how we will rage and grieve. But then Christ confronts us with the fullness of the law. To treat a person with contempt. to allow hatred, to let anger fester is called sin. Some may say this is hyperbole: I think not. We are allowed emotions. Grief, […]

Wrath can be correct: we are in a war.

This is a couple of days late. I do not live in the USA, and I tend to read what happens and is written there during the morning (when all the working Americans are sleeping the sleep of exhaustion). So we are left with a question, and it is raging within us, unless we are […]

Would Jesus weep over us?

One of the things that I have to deal with is the fact that I spend a fair amount of time dealing with grief, shame and loss. And this is not merely my own grief, shame and loss, but that of others. Recently one of the senior registrars in another part of the hospital took […]

Rugby as a mate’s religion: Job as a contrast.

It may be, for I am speculating, that when God is sick of us he leaves us alone and lets us do as we see right, according to our own wishes and inclinations. And out of that we make anarchy. In Judges there is a recurring statement “There was no king in Israel and every […]

Suffering, Shame and the error of Prosperity.

Matt Walsh has a wonderful rant up about those very popular heretics, the Olsteens, and their prosperity Gospel. His conclusion is the conclusion that we are reaching with the public religion we have, what is left after three generations of liberal activists (Social Justice Warriors) have gutted the church. But nonsense is all that’s left […]

Scenes from an election [Quote of the week]

There is a election on. David Farrar, a local political blogger, was at a meeting in Aro Valley, where the fringe of Dunedin go because a city that has voted Red for 100 years is not socialist enough: these are the radicals of our capital. For the non Kiwis, Te Reo is Maori (in Maori, […]