No damnation in Christ [Rom 8]

We are human. We are flawed: there is not that much good in any of us, and in all things we try to achieve we are not perfect. Even the greatest athletes do not have perfect runs: instead a great athlete keeps on going when things are not working… Read More

Not Carnal, Human. [Rom 7]

I have heard this passage preached. Multiple ways. Two ways are errors. The first error is that of the holiness gospel: the modern Cathars. This is that if you are still sinning you are carnal, fallen, and need to give your life over holy to… Read More

Are cities monopolies?

When I moved to casa weka I moved out of town. I now live in a small coastal village, down a road that winds so much that you are not a local unless your car has been driven into the harbour. Casa Pukeko was in a small city. The city I grew… Read More

There is a law [Rom 7]

I was on a drive with my son discussing despair. How those who do not have a wife and kids or family -- some couples don't have kids, but they do have family -- end up being bitter. The men drink or become vagrants. The women have cats, travel, and… Read More

There is no magic dirt.

The people of the Land in NZ are the Maori. The English, who colonized the land after the treaty of Waitangi and developed it and turned it into a fairly successful nation, are. not. Maori. The multiple generation English -- who have taken the… Read More

Sunday Holy Sonnet

Six This is my playes last scene, here heavens appoint My pilgrimages last mile; and my race Idly, yet quickly runne, hath this last pace, My spans last inch, my minutes latest point, And gluttonous death, will instantly unjoynt My body,… Read More

Three Readings, lectionary.

Just back from church, where Barry said a truth. He hates religion. For religion is about saying that we have virtue, and we can earn our way into righteousness. I began to think that we are all religious, but the kind of religion we believe in has… Read More