The death of courtship pledge. [Admin]

A couple of style notes. I am trying to ensure that there is a picture set as “featured image” on the lectionary posts — and not doing it for other posts. That may help with navigation. Most of the general posts are now written, reviewed 24 hours later, and then scheduled to appear around midday. … Continue reading The death of courtship pledge. [Admin]

The place of tolerance, [Rom 14].

There is a formulation which came in a Dalrock comment thread that I think wes first said by John. It related to “servant leadership”, and went something like this. “If intelligent Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Reformed and Anabaptist laymen cannot find a justification for this in scripture it does not exist” It is not that we … Continue reading The place of tolerance, [Rom 14].

Addendum on society.

From Ara Maxima. Driven by an observation that in the USA, where homosexuality is now the approved form of masculine networking by the elite, you cannot be close to another male lest you are considered to a sexual partner. As society becomes more insane, I increasingly wear its disapproval as a badge of honor. So, … Continue reading Addendum on society.

The dialectic of submission. [Rom 13]

I got a good scolding at music yesterday. One son is about to go to the high school prom — having avoided it for years, he was ambushed in such a manner where he said yes and is now not looking forward to shopping for a suit. I’m amused. So I got a lecture about … Continue reading The dialectic of submission. [Rom 13]

But what is our duty to our brother?

Let us just accept that our society is effete. The liberals are at their peak, or a bit beyond, and they are starting to implode. When one sees them defending the followers of a pedophile and murderer, after he is (correctly and rightly) mocked, then you know the time is getting close for collapse, reformation … Continue reading But what is our duty to our brother?

We are here to bleed out for Christ [Rom 12]

Last night I went grocery shopping, paleo style, through the bulk food place that exists in NZ. Because in this time of easy calories one has to choose what to eat very carefully, and the only way I will lost the excess poundage is to cut the carbs way back, in addition to doing the … Continue reading We are here to bleed out for Christ [Rom 12]

The material is not how we judge [Luke 7]

Well, there is not many ways to deal with this one. The woman who was abased at Jesus feet was a prostitute. Her job, her way of live, was sinful, and she was shut out of usual society. There is no part of this text that approves of sex work, or says that she is … Continue reading The material is not how we judge [Luke 7]

The heterosexual apostate.

Unlike many within the church, I don’t worry too much about those with same-sex desires. It is not my problem: the teaching is clear — marry or be celibate — and on the need to be celibate we can compare notes without having to be specific about the temptations. But much more important are those … Continue reading The heterosexual apostate.

Struggle is the promise [Mt 7]

This morning I want to compare a comment from the wintry knight with the way all too many people approach the text. For we read “ask and it will be given” and we think of what will make us happy. Many things do, and the vary. An example. My Dad grew up in a family … Continue reading Struggle is the promise [Mt 7]

The pagans stew in their hate as a warning [Col 3]

Paul is useful. Which may be why those who want to compromise with the spirit of this age hate him, and instead want to talk about the ‘real’ Jesus, who seems to be whatever the current ideal soft male is for this age: be it a knight or a hippie or backstabbing ambitious bastard executive. … Continue reading The pagans stew in their hate as a warning [Col 3]