Socail Justice Morons of the week.

Taken from teh Twittah. As a public service: Gentlemen, or Ladies of the sapphic persuasion. Choose celibacy over these and those like them, for the sake of your own sanity and salvation. Why do feminists always want to "smash" something? #feminism #tcot — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) September 21, 2014 “What’s this really […]

True dat.

This post is titled in recollection of Alte, who would generally follow her most scabrous, accurate and cynical observations by using Ebonics, or more accurately, Trash Talk. Well, she has had to survive in Philadelphia, and that does things to a woman, even one who is a Lady most of the time. Kiwis based in […]


It is what you do, not what you say.

I am sitting here with a hangover of schandenfreude. Last night the centre right party, run by a banker (of Jewish extraction) John Key, won an increased share of the vote to the point where it can govern alone: the internet mana party (funded by Kim Dot Com, of hacking and Nazi memorabilia fame) lost […]

Being elect or having an election.

Today is election day, as as I noted last night, there are severe limits on anything vaguely political today. All election signs must come down: no person can enter the polling vote with another, one can wear rosette or party colours but they must not have slogans on them, and all bumper stickers and paraphernalia […]

Election eve administrivia.

Tomorrow is election day in NZ, and any comments that promote any candidate will have to be taken down. In short, when I blog tomorrow, I will take down the comments until the election is over. One has to keep within local laws when you can. In the meantime, this is a very long video […]

Fear, or being unfashionable.

The truth is not a democracy, and cannot be voted into existence. You can have a series of erudite men damn as wrong, mistaken, un Aryan the work of Einstein, or Global Warming or an economic model, but what matters is experimental proof: Einstein’s theory rests on showing gravitational effects on light paths, Global warming […]

Utu is not wisdom.

We have an election on Saturday,there was an election in Fiji Yesterday and there is a referendum on Scotland becoming independent and Great Britain a dual monarchy or commonwealth, as it was during the Stuarts, the Restoration, and the Cromwellian Commonwealth. Interesting times. I want the United Kingdom, not the disunited Kingdom, says Australia PM […]

Against Karma.

This is one of the most real and most puzzling texts within scripture. We have job; in poor health, in poverty, having been accused by all that this must be Karma, this must be the results of your wrong doing; you need to confess. You need to provide justice. By implication, you cannot be that […]

Do not kill the messenger.

One of the reasons that the Bible remains fresh is that you change. You continually approach the word of God as your circumstances change. Well, this happened last night, I better warn the gentle reader that Daryl is of the Kiwi left (to whom Obama is a Tory), he us not afraid to swear, and […]