Notes on the perditon of this time… first in a series.

The liberals in the USA have moved beyond their colleagues in the Commonwealth. The PCANZ — Kiwi Presbyterians — has just ruled that any minister of the church cannot marry a gay couple in any capacity, as many ministers are also registered as celebrants. But this has been made illegal… In Idaho? City officials told […]

Deleted from Google, the church will be.

I do not worry about the future of the Church, for it is glorious. I worry more about my generation, for they appear to be heading to perdition: it appears that (as we move into a post modern form of Victorianism where one’s power correlates with the ability to faint in outrage over smaller and […]


All under the cloud: against the nominalism of this age.

Michelle Shocked used to be a feminist hero, but converted: and feminism is indeed a jealous God, that chases down their apostates to the third generation. I am not sure if the music link to grooveshark will work, but there is music for the reading this Sunday. Psalm by Michelle Shocked on Grooveshark When Israel […]

Removing liberal ideas from the meme pool.

I have both active blogs open at the moment, as I am downloading photos for the other. It appears that there are now 1480 posts here and 360 posts there. Everyone is getting ready in the USA for winter and All Saint’s day (Hallow’even) but over here the spring is coming in and the wild […]

Hard work, plain speaking or Political correctness?

Jesus healed people, and as someone who works in one of the healing trades, I get some comfort that he got irritated by those who just kept on coming to see him. One of the reasons we teach self care to medical students and talk boundaries to our colleagues is that we are fully aware […]


Life is not a peak experience.

A couple of days ago I was incredibly angry. Some of my close friends got an email of me in full rant mode, and that was after I had gone to St Clair beach, and taken photos, fed my kids, and calmed down a bit. I find the beauty in life helps calm me, as […]

The Rabbit’s hatery of Matt Forney.

@realmattforney you are a retarded jackass. Go play in traffic. Hopefully you get smoked by semi. Your weak narrow minded half a fag — Douglas Robinson (@Dougie0104) October 15, 2014 This is what you get for writing some good advice to men. Which is what Matt did. TL:DR version would be. 1. Piercings and Tattoos […]


I do not like micromanagement.

It is only Wednesday and already the week is odd. I will be at a conference over the next two days and I need all my diplomatic skills. I was dealing yesterday with people trying to micromanange the powhiri that will start the meeting, discussing memorandae of understanding, differences in customs (Tikanga) and such. Well, […]

A time to shoot fascist slavers.

Last night I had difficulty sleeping. I had spent most of the night unbricking a laptop (which took some time, Korora was not the first thing I used) clinically a lot is happening (and I will not be on the ward after today this week) and I was worrying about how the TV comments on […]