You can rest when you are dead [II Thess 3]

I had a phone call from Mum this morning. In it, I confessed to being lazy. I was skipping Crossfit (after being wiped out last night) and lying in. Since then, the washing is in, breakfast made, and I now have a bunch of tasks to do before 1400,… Read More

By Jove, I think he’s got it.

Two quotes, one Catholic, one Lutheran. Both correct. First the Catholic
Modernists deny supernaturalism and therefore they are not really religious. Now by “religion” I mean a transacton with the supernatural. Religion (whether it is…
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Decieving yourself [II Thess 3]

Wars and rumours of wars. Earthquakes. Overnight there is one in the Kiribas and another in California. The first one worries us a bit, though the tsunami is rated at around a foot when it gets halfway across the pacific. Still not a day to go to… Read More

Apple delenda est.

A conversation this morning. "Hi I have two phones that the boys have that need fixing" "OK" "This one was dropped. It is a Motorola G. It needs a new screen. Can you fix it?" "Sure. (checks model number). It is the first model. We can… Read More

Do not be nice. Be Godly. [I Thess 2]

Evolutionist X ain't a Christian, but she's honest about it. She sees two problems, the first is that we are nice. When we don't need to be. We do not fully understand God. We cannot. And when an athiest is a better theologian than many bishops,… Read More

WordPress 4.7 update.

Well, Wordpress has produced a new core theme, which includes (at last) a static front page -- which I don't use. It does allow rotating photos on the front and it does scale really well. It does have a clean output. But I need it to do excerpts.… Read More

An open lectionary post to Tony Campolo [II Thess 1]

Over at Carlos Slim's Blog, one of the tame Churchians is saying that white Christians are irrelevant and we must all be beige because progress and them evil evangelicals voted trump. We,Tony Campolo was a spiritual advisor to Clinton, and his mate Jim Wallis was one to Obama.
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