A defense of repetition.

I have half an hour of free internet and my father’s favourite verse. He quotes “rejoice in the LORD” at any time, appropriate and inappropriate. And he says, frequently, that repetition is good, for it drums facts in. I can recall him making me recite my times tables as a child, every morning, until I … Continue reading A defense of repetition.

Faithfulness is struggle [I Tim 6]

The conference finished at around 12:30. I was sitting with some health economists (it was one of those conferences) in plaza, enjoying the sun on my face, when we saw a bunch of people carrying olive branches. Someone said why: I instantly said it was Palm Sunday. Which was odd. For me, the last three … Continue reading Faithfulness is struggle [I Tim 6]

People trump power [Jn11]

I am sitting in the hotel lobby, where the internet is, and a young couple are arguing about going somewhere — but everything closes soon. At 4 PM. (Which is when I will be back in the conference) As if the life of Venice is not in the people but in the museums. The passage … Continue reading People trump power [Jn11]

Solidarity against Satan [Ps 95]

My good papist colleague would be offended and pleased. Because, today, between dealing with the crowds in Venice, I ducked into a church for prayer and there was the daily mass on, so I stayed. Relax. I did not partake. I’m Reformed: besides my Italian is appalling (I could follow it better if it was … Continue reading Solidarity against Satan [Ps 95]

Divisions and streaks (Travel day one) [Ps 133, Jn 10]

I have blogged, daily, without fail,for about two years. But today this could have been broken. It is about 8 PM Venice time, and I am reading the lectionary for the 26th March. I last posted at 7 am NZ time on March 25. It has taken me thirty hours of travel and some hours … Continue reading Divisions and streaks (Travel day one) [Ps 133, Jn 10]

Sheep to not care about their title. And cat photo. [Jn 10]

Over the last week I have been rather grumpy on this blog. I generally try to comment around the text. And the text remains Jeremiah, who is scathing when it comes to the priests and prophets of his time. He is preaching the destruction of the first temple: for idolatry, for corruption, for the tolerance … Continue reading Sheep to not care about their title. And cat photo. [Jn 10]

Clans, quivers, hope [Ps 127]

One of the thing that is happening in the west is that we are neither marrying nor breeding. We have dissolved the fundamental tenet of marriage since the beginning of he agricultural revolution — predating the laws of Moses, but to the time of patriarchs: that love is all in. It is once. For life. … Continue reading Clans, quivers, hope [Ps 127]

SJW activism as conspicuous consumption

The left are moving towards disappearing down a rabbit hole to be lost to any function and utility. There is a cost of being leftist: at present it is a form of conspicuous consumption: you are bright enough, you have enough geek points, to deliberately handicap yourself and still succeed. It is a game for … Continue reading SJW activism as conspicuous consumption

Karma is a lie [Jn 9]

Karma is a lie. Karma, the sense that what happens to you is just recompense for what you have done or what your parents have done, is part of our sense of justice. It is a clear part of Eastern Religion: the observation that reflective men have made in trouble that they have hurt others, … Continue reading Karma is a lie [Jn 9]

The false SJW prophets.

The minister at my congregation is also the chaplain of a local school. Church school, and he was trying to explain undeserved grace is a free gift. So he pulled twenty dollars from his wallet and asked who wanted it. All the hands went up, and he gave it to a schoolboy. Now after service … Continue reading The false SJW prophets.