Against toleration

Toleration was a compromise, because error has not part in truth. It came at the end of a series of religious wars, and is a foundation of the nation-state. But the nation-state is artificial: the large European empires were Protestant (the British)… Read More

Against liberty, equality and fraternity [I John 1]

Well, the French election is upon us, and the transnational death spiral continues. Regardless of if the Front National Win, there is anger among the French with the elite, who import their servants and tolerate a strage religion that does not meekly… Read More

Sunday Holy Sonnet

Nine If poysonous mineralls, and if that tree, Whose fruit threw death on else immortall us, If lecherous goats, if serpents envious Cannot be damn'd; Alas; why should I bee? Why should intent or reason, borne in mee, Make sinnes, else equall, in… Read More

Not Scientidolatory, Christ [John 20]

Today we are reviewing not the reaction and implications of the resurrection of Christ by the facts presented to us. The primary reading is Thomas saying that Christ has not risen and he won't believe the stories. The disciples were emotional men. He… Read More

Three quotes and a poem

The postmodern academy has decided everything is power. More fool them.
My remarks boiled down to the observation that theoretical anarchism (as opposed to the practical, bomb-throwing sort) is a gnostic sect. Its essential gnosis is that…
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The error of the science march.

Science is not something that needs defending. It is like truth: it is its own defence. Scienidolatory, like Scientology, is a series of faulty and flawed beliefs that does need defending. Consider this tweet for science day. There are some errors.
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The NGOs now rage. [Acts 4]

I read Francis Schaeffer far too early and did not spend enough time understanding the math behind the statistical tests we use. However with age comes repentance, and with repentance a certain bloody mindedness. When the consulting statistician came… Read More