Virtue is not its own reward.

Roosh has shamed me. Because he has managed to get at least part way through the Nicomachean ethics, which I have never attempted. But The logic of the book is fairly simple. To be happy is to be virtuous. You are content and happy when you do what is good and right and true. Virtue […]

Mid month administrivia, and quotage.

One of the difficulties I have as someone who blogs and has a professional life is keeping the two apart. I have different email addresses for work, different web pages (run by the university) — but until recently no different socail media things. This has to change. I am being asked to comment on social […]

Trust God, for your Nation will fall.

Last night I was taking photos by Dunedin Harbour, using a series of film cameras, as the sun set. When I reflect on that (and the fact I froze: it’s not quite yet spring here, and the sun had gone below the hills) if I had seen our Master walking across that flooded caldera I […]

Avoid bribery and bitterness

I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe that the Holy Spirit can arrive in power. I have seen these things with my own eyes, and I believe people receive gifts and power of the Spirit when they pray for them, and as God chooses. For most of us cannot handle great power: we are […]

A fear of babies.

Our modern age is frightened of fertility. We encourage young women to delay marriage until they are beyond peak fertility. We preach that all should wait: that romantic love trumps everything, including marriage, and the Biblical idea of short courtships and long marriages is seen as oppressive. Odd. Even Quiverfull. However, the perversion in modern […]

Our faith is not in the temple.

The photo I have taken (with the cellphone: one does not carry a camera into church, but my cellphone does have a Bible study app on it) after Church. The fog was in the hills, and as we went off for a walk most people were finishing their coffee and heading to the hills, or […]

Not enjoying the decline

NZ politics is getting dirty. Well, there is an election in five weeks and the left is losing. But the heat is being applied. So an MPs office has been broken into. I know of a Cabinet Minister’s partner whose office was targeted. Slater’s e-mail and Facebooked hacked. My office has a spy in it. […]

The catholic faith. #PrayforIraq

I am not sure of what happened and was reported in Kirk today. We were talking about Psalm 133, and how we should be one, we should be peacemakers. There was an illustration: one of the families in our Kirk comes from a Catholic family, and are faithful within the Roman faith, but also attend […]