Orthodox Cathedral, Helsinki

Notes on remarriage.

My theology is Reformed, and when it comes to matters relating to marriage this matters. Because the Reformed see Marriage as a civil event: blessed by God, and instituted by God, like the magistrate. They see marriage between believers as something that should not end. But in this fallen world, adultery and abandonment occur. And […]

Chamber music and why SJWs are not to be imitated.

Less weekend reading and quotage this weekend because I have been at a chamber music camp, and have got home somewhat exhausted, but reminded of the beauty thar remains within that most maligned culture, that of the West. Including this symphony: we only played the first movement in the concert. However, the winds of change […]


Bleakness (and Chamber music)

If you think yesterday’s passage was bleak, then the following chapter is worse. It talks about how the path of unfaithfulness to God leads to poverty. One is left with an image of Israel stripped naked, cast out, starving, and unable to enter the city, for she is outside the fence of civilization. The analogy […]


The mob is generally against us.

When I discuss the mob, I am talking about those who are in the margins: who do not have that much work such people exist. There are always those between jobs, and in this time, when the progressives have allowed the unions to become guilds and limit their members, the rate of youth unemployment has […]

There is hope and calm. [quotage]

Via Vox Day, from John Wright. I submit that victory shall be ours by using the same methods we used to overthrow the Roman Empire and replace paganism with Christianity. First, we must pray. We must live differently from the pagans around us, according to standards of higher discipline, displaying more fidelity in marriage, eschewing […]


Non shibbolethist.

I have just been on the phone with my Mum and Dad: thanking them for their gift. Dad and I did the sums: I’m 54: he will be 82 in ten days, when it is his birthday. And after some days I feel it. Yesterday, with a jog and a heavy interval session in the […]

Two diagrams

While the New Zealanders argue over why we got the result we thought we would in the election — ranging from conspiracy theories to a lack of push polling and hard data, there are structural issues. From Zero Hedge. The reason there is secular stagnation is because the economy crashed after the last, housing, bubble […]


Not my bitter, misanthropic nature [birthday eve]

It is that time of the year where the equinox plays merry havoc with the weather. It was snowing on Monday, we had a nor’wester yesterday with temperatures into the 20s, and this morning feels mild. It is all the last day before I turn 54, and my birthday always puts me in a melancholy […]