Your culture and heritage will not save you.

The son was talking to me about confounding variables and assumptions, for he had a lecture on this yesterday. Now, many think that this conversation was held between Christ and the Jews. Not true. Christ was talking to Jews, yes. But the Jews who believed in him. He is talking about things that end up […]

The world is sinful, and it will die.

The world will choose our tribe, true. But being of Christ has consequences. And not being of Christ has consequences. well, Christ was accused of many things. He was opposed. And when he spoke, most did not get what he was saying. So let us make it clear. Unless you believe in the works of […]

The world will choose your tribe.

This morning we all slept in and therefore went to the reformed (ie Grace) Presbyterian: a group who are relentlessly Evangelical (read Calvinist) in their theology and practice. The sermon was on Philippians 3: that all the good things that we have done are but dung in God’s sight. The preacher was trying to explain […]

Check the quality of your enemies.

I am very worried when all those around me call me good, and wise, and say that they are proud of me. When I am praised. This normally happens when I compromise, when I get along with others, when I let my flesh be weak, and the spirit becomes less willing. I am far more […]

Rotherham brings out the rage.

The conversation in the car was about social media. The son pointed out that facebook is only useful to remind him of things, and I suggested that twitter was useful for writing haikus and trolling. He replied that trolling is what 4chan was made for. But in NZ an election is being trolled, and the […]

The cathedral and the light of this world.

WHen I was a kid one of the things we were taught was Christ is the light of the world. And he is. But I missed the context and the implication. “America was founded on Christianity but instead of reverence we get a To Kill a Mockingbird trial for every page of the Bible.” — […]

Human biodiversity is not within the gospel.

Last night the first leader’s debate for the main parties happened on TV. Son one (who is on mid semester break) left his study desk — full of the detritus of his preparation of revision notes — to watch it. The post debate “results” were so contradictory to be a statistics lesson in itself about […]

A CV is to a life what a map is to the territory.

One of the things that people often look at, in the academic game, is your qualifications, when they should be looking elsewhere. They look to see if you have a doctorate, from what university, and who you studied under. At the beginning of your career this is wise, but after about five years of work […]

Ferguson and the 4th turning.

Yesterday I was waiting for my music lesson (the son goes first) and the news was on. I normally do not watch the Mainstream News: my blood pressure can only handle so much. Yesterday they were showing the funeral of the young man who died when shot by the police in Ferguson, a suburb of […]

Salvation is a mystery: Emotions are a phase.

Last night the programme I had travelled to Aussie to participate in was screened. As part of this, I was on Twitter, using my professional hat, and discussing issues around management, particularly access. But one of the things that the patients with the disorder talked about was how exhausting this was: how they despaired, how […]