Changelog for 1 August.

Various changes around here. GL Piggy has been marked private, and I’ve deleted the link. WordPress themes are improving all the time and I’m going simpler as time goes on. The theme is now decode, and basically set up the same way as Ignite, but without as much noise. it should load quicker. I have […]

Do not be afraid.

What to say about the resurrection that has not been said before? The answer to that is nothing. But good things have to be re-said. And said again. The question from the text, however, is that the women had to be told twice not to fear. Not because they were weak, but because what they […]

By the works of Sharia you can judge it.

Last night son two had to play in string quartet at his school open day. After this we ordered food and went to one of the few cafes that is open around 8 PM. And while waiting for some drinks I saw these cards, which are there for people to write notes on and post […]

The evil of the progressives is trumped by revival.

Yesterday the first signs of the impending spring were apparent in the south, and it felt unseasonal. Winter generally begins with the first snow in late May, and ends with a nasty storm in late September in October: the ones that the farmers watch and worry for, because it often happens during lambing. In the […]

Why the reformed have the papist’s back.

Now, how to proceed? Are there differences between the doctrine of say, a Roman Catholic and the Reformed end of the Presbyterian Church? Absolutely. They are significant. So why does this blog quote so frequently from Mundabor, Zippy Catholic and the Orthosphere? Why did the now dormant blog Traditional Catholic have women from the Pentecostals, […]

Yet another Mary. Yet another Herod.

Today’s text is basically a list of names. It’s one of those texts which people have distorted: because Paul lists both men and women, Greeks, Jews and Romans (you can tell by the way the names are written who is who: Herodian is clearly noted to be a brother, and Mary was a common name […]

Me and my house will serve the LORD [Notes on call].

Today is Sunday and when I looked at my phone calendar I see that I am on call. I have no scruples on such: my contract includes covering and supervising emergency care on a regular basis, and the patch one covers from Dunedin runs from the Waitaki (river) to beyond the Clutha river. I rested […]

Cthultu swims left.

One of the besetting sins of those who can see the destruction coming for the West is despair. It expresses itself as a bitterness: it causes people to give up, or let that deadly sin, wrath loose. However, I’m more cheerful. I have seen the elite fall. I have seen fashions change. I have seen […]

All institutions are hypocritical.

Never underestimate the hypocrisy of those in power. Never. For they will be pious, they will cloak whatever they do in righteousness, and they will be careful to keep the regulations of the culture. But they will game them. For many in power — regardless of where you are — the labels matter more than […]